Cavers people in the Radio Times archive

The Radio Times is a UK radio and TV listings magazine which has been in print since the dawn of broadcasting in the UK, starting in 1923.

More recently an online digitised archive of its old BBC listings was created. This can be searched by keyword, meaning that it is possible to look for Cavers references.

Of course there is the usual problem of non surname results. Though unlike the British Newspaper Archive the issue this time is not Cavers the place name. Rather it is finding numerous references to potholers, people who explore caves!

Nevertheless there are useful surname references to be uncovered, albeit a tiny proportion of the 102 search results for “Cavers” (all meanings).

For example from 1924 and 1925 we find a Mr A.S. Cavers Secretary of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society appearing in the programme “Farmers’ Corner”, talking about “Clean Milk”. He was probably Adam Scott Cavers born in Yorkshire in 1854, son of Francis Cavers and Agnes Scott, but grew up in Hawick, after his parents returned to his father’s home area. He was an older brother of the Argyll siblings I blogged about recently. Later he appears living in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England, married with children. I suspect he was probably Adam S. Cavers whose death was registered in nearby Hinckley registration district in 1931, aged 76.

More recently, from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, we find actress Terry Cavers, accounting for 43 search results. She was a prolific performer on the BBC between 1971 and 1990, appearing in numerous plays and dramas, on television and on radio. Many were Scottish works, such as the “Kidnapped and Catriona” 1985 radio version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novels. Likewise she appeared in the 1982 television series of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s “Cloud Howe” and modern Scottish classic play “The Cheviot, the Stag, and the Black, Black Oil” on BBC One in 1975. From her entry in the Internet Movie Database (which also covers TV programmes) we find that she also appeared in ITV’s Scottish television stalwart “Taggart”.