Another Cavers boy sent to Wellesley Training Ship

Quick on the heels of the last find I’ve just found another Cavers boy from South Shields who was ordered by the authorities to go onto the Wellesley Training Ship:

Shields Daily Gazette – Friday 29 August 1884
Henry Charlton Cavers and Florence Ann Swan, neglected children, whose cases have already been brought before the magistrates by the School Board authorities, were brought up this morning in remand. Cavers was committed to the Wellesley. Mr W. Graham, on behalf of the father of the girl Swan, said the parents were quite willing to take her home and to treat her properly. It was not true, as had been said, that Swan and his wife were of drunken and dissolute habits. Mrs Swan was called, and said she had done all she could to keep the child properly. The case was adjourned for four weeks, the child in the meantime to remain at home.

Checking the 1881 census suggests that the two Cavers boys sent to the ship were brothers, sons of widowed Mrs Catherine Cavers. I remember finding evidence of a court case concerning the birth of Henry.