A chapman in 1750s Northumberland

I recently found this relatively early newspaper reference to a Cavers in Northumberland, England, not far from the Border with Scotland. It appeared in the Newcastle Courant on 9 Dec 1752.

THOMAS CAVERS, late of Hexham, Chapman

ALL Persons who are indebted unto him, are desired immediately to pay their Debts to Mr Joseph Lazenby at Hexham, who is properly authorised to receive them, otherwise, they will be proceeded against at Law, without any other Notice to recover them.

A chapman was a seller of things, typically low-cost items, often travelling from place to place to sell his wares. Many chapmen sold things like ribbons, cutlery, napkins and reading material, especially low cost books, such as chapbooks.

In this case it looks as though Thomas was trying to recover monies owing to him. I wonder where he moved on to.

At the moment I don’t know anything more about Thomas Cavers. Though he may be the same man who married Isabel Laidler at Hexham on 25 Aug 1751, according to the parish registers.