Annie Cavers appointed physical and hygiene instructress

Another Southern Reporter report, this time concerning, I think, a granddaughter of George Cavers and Annie Richardson of the John Cavers and Elizabeth Hislop line:

Southern Reporter, 1921 September 1

Miss Annie Cavers, daughter of ex-Councillor Walter Cavers, Temperance Hotel, Moffat, has been appointed physical and hygiene instructress at Biggar, under the Lanarkshire Education Authority at the salary of £200 per annum.

If I’ve found the right family, Annie, aged 9 months, appears in the 1901 census for Moffat in Dumfriesshire (where her Cavers grandparents had settled), along with her parents Walter (a tailor) and Euphemia, and older sister Jane. Also living in the house was Walter’s niece Minnie Cavers, born in Brechin: presumably the girl whose birth was registered there as Williamina Murray Cavers in 1887, and married as Wilhelmina Murray Cavers at Moffat in 1909. Minnie was almost certainly the daughter of Walter’s older brother John Cavers, and appears with her parents and siblings at Brechin in the 1891 census.