The purpose of this blog is to provide a place where I can post details of the early family trees that I’ve pieced together as part of my Cavers one-name study research. Many of these trees will be Scottish ones, reflecting the origins of the surname, but some will be English, some Canadian, and so on. All will be early, pre 1900, and most from the early 1800s or even earlier in some cases.

By having this blog I hope to write up my research findings more quickly, i.e. it’s acting as encouragement for me. It would also be easy to turn the blog posts into a collated book, or a separate web site. But this blog is the first step.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Vivienne,
    This is a wonderful idea. I wasn’t sure if I had ever told you that I had my Father (here in Canada) and my Cavers contact in Edinburgh test their DNA. It came back that they were 8th cousin’s. I cannot seem to get back far enough to find their common ancestor. There was another fellow that matched in just as close, with the last name of Cowings. Not sure how that fits, but I think he should be a Cavers!

  2. Hello, I found your blog today. I am Robert William Cavers, and my Father is Robert Elliott Cavers. My Grandfather was Douglas Cavers and was from Clearwater MB Canada. I would be interested in knowing more about our paternal ties to Scotland.

    • Nice to hear from you Robert 🙂 I’m going to reply to you properly by email, but it will take me some weeks before I can. I’m long-term ill with a MS-like illness, and going through a bad patch at the moment. But I have your contact waiting in my email INBOX, and will get to it ASAP. Thanks again for writing!

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