Seasonal greetings and best wishes for 2020

Festive greetings to fellow Cavers researchers, and all the best for the coming year.

I’ve signed up for a Guild of One-Name Studies blogging challenge, and will be aiming to blog here more over the coming months. The long-term aim is to encourage me to blog more here about my Cavers research for years to come. But there may be quite an influx of posts over the next three months.

Topics will vary. I have a mix of blog ideas lined up. For starters lots of fun old newspaper references, very much light, frothy pieces, but often amusing.

Another theme will be to blog about some of the Cavers artefacts I got hold of recently, including a US baby photo from a century ago and a WW1 soldier reference letter.

Along the way of the one-name study I’ve encountered many characterful Cavers people from the distant past, and plan to write about some of those in coming weeks. have recently added a number of interesting data sets of records, and I plan to blog about some of the Cavers entries found in these.

I also have some new Cavers genealogy (family lineage) blogs planned. And some blogs about some more mysterious Cavers people from the past, and what we know of them, and where they might possibly fit in.

So much to come, if all goes as planned. Watch this space!