Cavers surname and health conditions

This blog post has been suggested by a few Cavers descendants who have histories of specific health conditions in their particular Cavers families. Usually auto immune diseases, like arthritis, eczema, thyroid problems, ME/CFS etc. In my own family tree, on the line that does trace back to Cavers some generations back, we have various auto immune diseases, such as arthritis, eczema, multiple sclerosis, and my own cerebral vasculitis.

I’m just throwing this out there wondering if any other Cavers lines have particularly strong family histories of any particular medical conditions or types of conditions, that may have a genetic element (in addition to other possible factors, like environmental issues, chance, infection etc.). My one big proviso is that Cavers – for every living descendant – is just one of many ancestral lines. Even for people who have the surname Cavers by descent if you trace back to e.g. your great-grandparents then 7 of the 8 probably aren’t a Cavers by birth, and all 8 great-grandparents’ genes contribute to your medical history.

However, that said, I still think it’s an interesting question, and am throwing it out there. It would also be possible to study the causes of deaths of various historic Cavers, in Scotland and elsewhere, which might throw up any particular patterns. Although I expect that the general trend wouldn’t be too dissimilar from the wider population.

7 thoughts on “Cavers surname and health conditions

  1. Viv, I was diagnosed 16 years ago with what was then known as “Wegener’s Granulamatosis” but today is named “Vasculitis A”. My doctor told me at the time that this condition is experienced by about one in 200,000 people. Fortunately I was diagnosed very early and received significant medical treatment. More commonly, those who go undiagnosed die within a few months!
    But I am not aware of any family history of this condition, and although they do know of any particular cause, my specialist insists there is no genetic or hereditary predisposition.

    • Wow! Another vasculitis Cavers descendant?! My form is rarer – about 1 in a million – but yes Wegeners (or GPA as it’s often known now, at least in the UK) is nasty untreated. Vasculitis seems to be rarely found multiple times in the same family – though occasionally – but often I’ve heard of the families having a tendency towards auto immune diseases. That’s certainly the case with mine.

  2. I am not too far from Cavers genetically. I am over (for now) my prostatectomy due to cancer in October 2015. Iam 50 and my father died from this disease at 67, hopefully I won’t!

  3. Interesting study to look at auto immune diseases! My maternal grandfather, James Douglas Cavers, born 1884 in Manitoba, Canada had arthritis, but minor symptoms, and actually died of bowel cancer. His daughter Winona, my mother, born 1920, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, also had arthritis, also died of bowel cancer (2001). I have minor arthritis in my hands. FYI, my husband and I are in Glasgow now and will be in The Borders May 26 -29.

  4. I’m late to the party here but wanted to add in the high amount of Cavers with Celiac disease in my immediate family in Manitoba, Canada. I know of 5 on three different generations and have heard many stories of my Great Grandfather Cavers that make me think he also had it. I know of a girl in Edinburgh who is distantly related to me but is a Cavers. She’s 14, lives in Scotland and was diagnosed with Celiac at age 4. Her and her family were here in Canada to visit with us for two weeks this summer and we were both glad that I had some knowledge and knew from my own family what do to in the kitchen. She enjoyed her holiday with no problems! I would love to know if there are more people from the John Cavers – Jane Douglas union who also suffer from Celiac.

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