Sale prices on DNA test kits available from FamilyTreeDNA

For anyone who has thought about getting a Y-DNA test done as part of the Cavers Y-DNA project FamilyTreeDNA is currently offering special seasonal prices on its DNA tests.

Y-DNA37 – the recommended (and certainly minimum) testing level for new testers joining the Cavers project – currently costs $119 (US dollars) when ordered direct from FamilyTreeDNA, compared with $169 normally. Even adding international postage this undercuts the price I can order kits for UK people direct from the Guild of One-Name Studies, and is available to participants worldwide. There are also sale prices on higher levels of testing accuracy, such as Y-DNA67. If you choose to go for a higher level of testing then its results can still be usefully compared with other Cavers people who have gone for Y-DNA37.

To see more about the various tests available, and the current special offers, see under Products on the FamilyTreeDNA home page. These special prices are available until 31st December 2013. You can also join the Cavers Y-DNA project at these special prices via its own page – click on “Join Request” near the top, and then select the kit you want to order.

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