Painting of James Cavers (1765-1863) “Old Dunneram”

I wrote a blog post some time ago about a newspaper report regarding the 97th birthday of James Cavers. He was my 6xg-uncle, and has direct descendants still living today.

I knew there was a painting of him in the Hawick Museum in Wilton Lodge Park, though I’d never seen the original, just a photograph of it. It’s now been digitised and can be viewed online. Take a look, for a glimpse into the past and an interesting Cavers character.

It’s part of the BBC’s Your Paintings website which is related to a project to digitise the UK’s paintings. You can search by keyword, and it’s worth looking at the results for searching for Hawick, to see what the town so many Cavers people lived in looked like. Click on any of the small thumbnails to see bigger versions and more details about them.

5 thoughts on “Painting of James Cavers (1765-1863) “Old Dunneram”

  1. Fascinating! What a great find. But how did an old shepherd come to have his portrait painted? I’ve always pictured old James as rather like the poor old shepherd in Greyfriars Bobby (over which I wept buckets as a child). Nan Kennedy


    • He couldn’t have afforded to pay for an oil painting, but I’ve always assumed he was painted by a local artist because he was an interesting local character. Perhaps some modern descendants know more of the story though.

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