Painting of James Cavers (1765-1863) “Old Dunneram”

I wrote a blog post some time ago about a newspaper report regarding the 97th birthday of James Cavers. He was my 6xg-uncle, and has direct descendants still living today.

I knew there was a painting of him in the Hawick Museum in Wilton Lodge Park, though I’d never seen the original, just a photograph of it. It’s now been digitised and can be viewed online. Take a look, for a glimpse into the past and an interesting Cavers character.

It’s part of the BBC’s Your Paintings website which is related to a project to digitise the UK’s paintings. You can search by keyword, and it’s worth looking at the results for searching for Hawick, to see what the town so many Cavers people lived in looked like. Click on any of the small thumbnails to see bigger versions and more details about them.

Just posted this to my general-purpose ancestry blog, but it’s a place where Cavers people (including my own ancestors) were buried too, so of interest to Cavers researchers as well.

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For much of my childhood I lived in the Wilton side of Hawick, near where my ancestors had lived for generations. I didn’t realise, though, that on my way to and from Wilton Primary School I was crossing the site of the Wilton Old Church and graveyard, which was cleared almost completely in the 1950s. Generations of my Hall and Cavers ancestors would have been buried there, and when the site was cleared there were still legible gravestones for some of the very earliest known Cavers ancestors. In addition some Usher relatives were buried in part of the crypt.

I’ve just, thanks to the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland website, had my first glimpse of what Wilton Old Church and graveyard looked like before the site was cleared. It’s eerie, a glimpse into the past.

Wilton Old Church and graveyard

Looking at the picture it looks as though it is…

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