Goals for this blog and the Cavers one-name study in 2013

As we near the end of another year and approach the start of a new one I thought I’d blog about my goals for this blog and the related one-name study for the year ahead.

A big reason for starting this blog was that it was a way for me to share information that I’d been able to piece together about Cavers families in the past. it’s really important to me that I do this while I still can. I’m very seriously ill, and the future is uncertain. So for 2013 I plan to make more genealogy blog posts, where I cover specific family lines in detail. For examples of prior posts of this kind see the posts categorised under Genealogies.

Mixed up alongside those I will continue to post references to the Cavers surname that I spot in old records, and also other topical articles, like the 1881 Canadian census one I posted here recently. For example I’ve found a lot of interesting references to the name in old newspapers in the British Newspaper Archive that would be worth sharing here.

Something that I need to do with my offline records is to update my events database for the one-name study. This is an Excel spreadsheet full of references I’ve found in all sorts of records to Cavers people, and it’s very useful. I may want to share it more widely though, again my way of preserving things longer-term, in which case I would look probably at converting it to be available online in Google Docs format.

May I also take this opportunity to wish all Cavers researchers the best for 2013.