Cavers boy saving another boy from drowning in 1933

Thanks to the GOONS (Guild of One-Name Studies) mailing list I’ve just learned of an online searchable index to Lanark County [Ontario] Genealogical Society’s website and online resources. Obviously with the large number of Cavers people living there from the 19th century onwards it’s worth checking their resources.

There are quite a few references to Cavers people in the site, but I particularly liked this one, seemingly printed in the Souvenir Perth Old Home Week Booklet of June/July 1948:

1933 May 6 – ARTHUR CAVERS, aged 10 years, rescued HARRY STAFFORD, aged 4 years, from drowning in the Little Tay River, near the Park.  Later Arthur was presented with a parchment Certificate from the Royal Canadian Humane Society.

Is Arthur a relative of anyone reading this blog?

Also as someone living relatively near to the original Perth in Scotland, and also beside the mouth of the very large River Tay, it was quite nice to find there is a Tay River at the Canadian Perth, presumably named after its Scottish namesake. The Scottish River Tay flows past and through Perth out east to the Firth of Tay, by Dundee, where I live.


4 thoughts on “Cavers boy saving another boy from drowning in 1933

  1. Hello Vivian – for the Tay River, near Perth, Ontario:
    Yes, our Canadian side of the Cavers family does have a Tay River – and a Perth. There are pictures of both, and some history, on – the website of our Perth (Canada) Historical Society. I often receive enquiries from other parts of the world asking ‘How far is it to Edinburgh??” or ‘How many kangaroos have we in town??’.
    Arthur is one of our family Cavers in this Perth area. However, I had not seen your article.
    Best wishes,
    David Taylor, Glen Tay, Ontario

  2. Hello David Taylor, I am Suzanne Cavers of the James 1782 and Margaret Cavers family who came to Middlesex ON CA in 1834 from Liiiesleaf Rox. Scot. We think one son (and brother of my family Charles) was a possible Thomas about whom we do not to have further knowledge. Do you have further info on your Thomas connection in Canada? Who were his parents and from where in Scotland?
    The 5 sons of the above James Cavers were ?Thomas, John, James, Charles and William. census of can. East NB & NS.

    • Hello Suzanne – could you send me your e-mail address – to
      Thanks, DT

      PS: Viv – apologies for spelling your name wrong. Of course, I knew it well from many years – the problem in my case is just too many years!

  3. Arthur Cavers was a son of William Cavers and Margaret Young, descended from Thomas Cavers and his second wife, Margaret Campbell.

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