Next blog post will be 1881 Canada census one

I’m planning to have a fresh look at the 1881 Canadian census, using the available transcripts and indexes, to see just how many of the found Cavers people are from pedigrees where we can trace them back in time, especially to Scotland. This will be useful to establish the state of knowledge of the one-name study for Cavers people in 19th century Canada, and will be a stepping stone towards future research.

It’s going to take me a little bit of time to do this though. So there may not be a post here for some time. But when I do post it should be quite a lengthy one, summarising the families recorded, and also giving some statistics, in terms of how many families and individuals (total and %) have known ancestral trees, especially back to Scotland, how many of the 1881 residents were born in Scotland etc. To do this I’ll need to revisit my notes from Canadian BMD certificates, especially for Ontario, and existing 19th century Canadian family trees I know about. And that will have to be cross-referenced against people recorded in the 1881 census.

Doing this should also highlight the “stuck” lines, where we could devote more attention, and hopefully be able to break through some brick walls.