Plans for the blog in 2012

Firstly Happy New Year everyone! Belatedly admittedly, but the sentiment is still the same.

Apologies that there hasn’t been a new proper blog post yet. There would have been, but I’ve been struggling since the Christmas holiday with a very heavy cold, on top of 4 chemo drugs and steroids taken permanently, all of which suppress my immune system very heavily. But I’m recovering at long last, so the next Cavers blog should go live relatively soon. I expect to blog at least monthly under normal circumstances, but would hope to often manage things more frequently than that.

I’m currently finishing off a blog post about World War One Cavers soldiers, focusing on known soldiers from Britain, Canada and Australia. After that there will be a blog post about an early London Cavers family, and a number of spin-off blog posts related to that family.

Looking ahead I plan to continue with my mix of lineage / genealogical posts, and topical posts. For example I found a lot of Cavers entries in the British Newspaper Archive which I’d like to share, though it’s sort of easier to do that as I get to each family in turn in the longer lineage posts. And I plan to do an extended blog post about some of the outstanding Canadian Cavers puzzles, where we haven’t figured out their origins yet.

Much that I’m posting here has been partially written up by me before. But some is relatively new research, so it takes me a while to write it up, as with the London Cavers family. And there is still ongoing new research happening, which I will also blog about, as I find out new Cavers things.