A Cavers celebrating his 97th birthday in 1862

I’ve been searching the newly-launched British Newspaper Archive. Few Scottish Borders papers have been digitised yet, but I’ve still been able to find lots of useful Cavers references, which I plan to share here over time. To start with here is the report of the 97th birthday celebrations of James Cavers (1765-1863), son of James Cavers and Isabella Coltherd. This report was almost certainly originally published in a Hawick newspaper, but was reproduced throughout Britain. This extract comes from the Dundee, Perth, and Cupar Advertiser on Friday 16 May 1862, p6:

AN ANCIENT STATIONER – James Cavers, better known as “Old Dunneram,” plies about the streets of Hawick, selling stationery and almanacks, and the other day attained his ninety-seventh year, and is in the enjoyment of excellent health. Some of the Hawick people kindly collected a purse of money and presented it to him on his birth-day. The old man was much gratified with the present, and assured his friends he “had gane lang aboot, and wad gang langer yet, and though now gotten somewhat stiff in the joints, he hadna a pain in a’ his body.”

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