Mystery Francis Cavers and family in early 1800s Hawick

A previous blog entry outlined the descendants of James Cavers and Isabella Coltherd, including their son Francis Cavers who married Euphemia Hogg, and had a gravestone in Wilton churchyard in Hawick, Roxburghshire.

There’s a gravestone for another Francis Cavers in another Hawick churchyard, St Mary’s, but I don’t know yet where this other Francis fits in to the wider Cavers jigsaw puzzle.

1936 Hawick Archaeological Society Transactions p46
St Mary’s Churchyard, Hawick
H.S. [Headstone]
In Memory of FRANCIS CAVERS who died on the 20th May 1811 aged __ years also of his spouse … who died 27th Decr 182_ (aged __ years also) FRANCIES CAVERS who died 8th Feby 1817 aged 11 years and 6 months.

This Francis and family are missed by Church of Scotland parish registers: no trace of a birth for Francis, or any child, or a marriage. If it wasn’t for the dates and ages given he might have been a candidate for Francis Cavers son of Francis Cavers and Euphemia Hogg christened in 1793, but the grave’s numbers would have to be extremely muddled for this to match. Alternatively he could have been an illegitimate son of Francis Cavers, born before Francis married. Certainly the only other known Cavers family using the forename Francis around this time is that of Francis Cavers husband of Euphemia Hogg. So I suspect there is probably a link to them somewhere.

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