Strategy for posting family histories here

I’d like to use this website to document what I’ve been able to put together about early Cavers family trees, particularly the ones that are harder to piece together using surviving records.

My plan is to start by documenting those trees I’ve been able to piece together despite them barely appearing in parish registers. Sometimes the only clues to family trees come from later BMD certificates (it’s fortunate that Scottish civil registration certificates are so detailed), or census returns, or a mix of the two. With Scottish pre-1855 Cavers references we can’t assume that people will appear in the parish registers. Often Cavers families are completely missing from these standard records, or only partially recorded, for example marriages but no baptisms, or only some children baptised. This makes piecing together the genealogies more of a challenge. Indeed Cavers family references only start to appear in bulk in the parish registers from the mid 18th century onwards, and it is only from then that the families can be linked to later descendants.

I won’t carry the genealogies too forward in time. My aim is to establish the early known origins of each Cavers family. But I will indicate where there are known lines of descent, including for example emigrants to England or to Canada.

9 thoughts on “Strategy for posting family histories here

  1. Vivienne,

    I wish you well with the new blog. I’ve subscribed to the e-mail updates and hope to be able to follow the unravelling of their history in a slightly more active way than of recent years.

    Kind regards


    • Thanks Jim. I’m planning at least a blog post each month, but probably more frequent at times. So it’s an ongoing project, but should be rewarding. Am enjoying it so far. I currently have 2 more new long blog posts being written, and some spin-off ones once they’re out of the way. And many more planned.

  2. Vivian, I’m very glad to hear from you — I often think of you and wonder. And I’m delighted that there will be more Cavers postings — I must polish up my records and contribute.

  3. So glad you’re doing this and will definitely contribute. Maybe I can finally unravel the Walter / Christina saga…
    All the best
    Betty Cavers

    • Thanks Betty. I’m planning a future blog post focusing on all the ‘stuck’ early Canadian Cavers lines, hoping that gathering all the info in one place might help us break down some brick walls!

  4. Hi Vivienne, I haven’t been in touch with you since the 90s when you were so kind to send me that photograph of my g-g-g-grandfather James Cavers whose daughter Jane emigrated to Melbourne, Australia. Thank you for this blog that I only found today, it’s been so interesting and I look forward to your further instalments. Kind regards, Helen Cooke (Tasmania, Australia).

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